Work in Progress

Heavy Water Sleep

Based on a text inspired by my reading of Adam Czerniakow's diary and my work on the Holocaust.


How contemporary art practice can be combined with archaeological processes to enable a deeper engagement with our past.

The Gentleman's Servant

"...whoever recollects seeing the same person and can give information of his name and place of abode so that he may be spoke withal, shall on such proof receive half a guinea reward."
Jackson's Oxford Journal, February 9th 1771.

A Line Drawn in Water

Between 29th October and 18th November 2010 I will undertake a residency at The Lock Up Cultural Centre in Newcastle, New South Wales, Australia.


The piece has evolved through research I've carried out on an object loaned to me by the Museum Resource Centre in Oxfordshire.

Carbon Footprint

This project is being put together hopefully as part of Holocaust Memorial Day 2012. It is based on a trip I made to Bełżec in 2007 and my subsequent research on the Death Camp.

Without Memory

This project is based on a collection of photographs found in Auschwitz after liberation.


About two years ago I was given recordings of an archaeological investigation into the site of the Belzec Death Camp in Poland. These investigations were carried out prior to the construction of the memorial there and my task was to edit the videos into something that could be seen as a narrative of those events.