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Discontinued Blogs

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The Light Slowed But Never Stilled

A blog looking at individual photographs.

The Gentleman's Servant

"...whoever recollects seeing the same person and can give information of his name and place of abode so that he may be spoke withal, shall on such proof receive half a guinea reward."

About Art

I'm no Art historian, but...

A Line Drawn in Water

Between 29th October and 18th November 2010 I will undertake a residency at The Lock Up Cultural Centre in Newcastle, New South Wales, Australia. Aside from being a great adventure - travelling from the UK to the other side of the world - it will be an excellent opportunity to explore over a period of 3 weeks, those themes which I've been researching over the past few years, namely the past, the present, history and the embodied imagination.


A selection of written sketches.